Project Update – 11 March 2015

Welcome to the Port Melbourne First World War Centenary Project website!

As part of this ambitious project, the Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society has identified over 1,700 people connected to Port Melbourne who enlisted for active service during World World One. We are currently collating basic information about each person and posting their details to this website. At this stage we have barely 100 people listed but it’s growing each day. You can see the most recent additions and updates at the right hand side of the page.

Otherwise you can browse through the Enlistments using the menu at the top of the page or look for a particular person using the search option on the right.

We’ve also tagged people with, among other things, their place of birth, the ship they embarked on, the month they enlisted, the Port Melbourne streets they (or their next of kin) lived in and their fate at the end of the war. You’ll find the tags at the bottom of each individual page. Clicking on “Clark Street”, for example, will produce a list of all the people connected with Clark Street. We’ve used some abbreviations, particularly in the tags, so if you’re not sure what they mean you can have a look at the Abbreviations page through the option at the top of the page.

One of our aims is to include more details on as many people as possible and we are relying on relatives and other interested people to provide those details. See the How Can I Contribute? page for more information.

Another major part of the project is to tell some of the stories of the home front to record how people in Port reacted to the war and how they were affected. We have a number of people working on these stories and they will added to the site in due course.

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