Nott Street School Temporary Honour Roll

When the Nott Street School “Old Boys” Memorial was moved to the Town Hall after the school closed in 1993 an exercise book covered in brown paper was found in the recess within the memorial along with a number of other books and papers. Written on the cover was “Nott Street Old Boys – Temporary Honor [sic] Roll

Cover of the Nott Street School “Old Boys” Temporary Honour Roll.

Inside is a list of names of former Nott Street School pupils who enlisted for the First World War. It is clearly dated 25 April 1917 and identified as Nott Street State School No. 1427, Port Melbourne.

First page of the Nott Street School Temporary Honour Roll dated 25 April 1917.

The names are listed in alphabetical order along with their rank. A second column of men has been added presumably for names that were received after the initial list was compiled.

The temporary honour roll was used in the preparation of the Official Nott Street School Honour Roll.

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