Anzac Centenary Heath Street Walk

To mark the centenary of the First World War landings at Gallipoli, Barb Mullen and Christine Griffiths, residents of Heath Street, Port Melbourne, … [Read more...]

The Flu Epidemic of 1919

In May 1918, reports of a mysterious and deadly disease ravaging Europe began to reach Australia, causing concern amongst those who had family members … [Read more...]

The Norman Family of Sandridge

The Norman family of Sandridge resulted from the Norwegian and Scottish union of Andrew Norman and Isabella McKenzie. Isabella … [Read more...]

Why World War I?

Why Did Australia Get Involved? Our soldiers .. defending democratic rights and freedoms (The Age letters 27.4.2015) It is comforting to believe … [Read more...]

Women’s Welcoming Committee

When Great Britain declared war on Germany in 1914 Australia also found itself at war. No doubt many communities throughout the land began to make … [Read more...]