1. Lorraine Jeffrey says

    Jack Ainsworth was born Elias Edwin William MEGERNEY, Melbourne, about 1894, to Edwin Jno (sic) MEGERNEY and his wife, Frances Alice MEGERNEY (née Short).
    His mother was widowed in 1895 and, in 1899, married William AINSWORTH, a widower with 6 children. Elias took the family name AINSWORTH and was known as JACK – the names under which he enlisted.
    Around 1906, most of the family (which included 4 more children) moved to Western Australia initially living around Perth before taking up farming land at Ajana near Northampton.
    Another 4 children were born in WA, the last being Herbert Jack Ainsworth (born 1917) who was named for his 2 brothers both killed in action.

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