A Poignant Note

Amongst the many papers found in the recess of the Nott Street School "Old Boys" Memorial is one … [Read More...]

The End of the War – Hostilities Cease

About 7.30pm on Monday 11 Nov 1918, around the time the Bay steamers were returning from their day’s … [Read More...]

The Flu Epidemic of 1919

In May 1918, reports of a mysterious and deadly disease ravaging Europe began to reach Australia, … [Read More...]

Cann, Henry Herbert Edward (1058)

Place of Birth: Croydon, England Age: 21 years 1 month Enlistment Details: Tuesday, 13 July … [Read More...]

Samson, Stephen George (646)

Place of Birth: Bendigo, VIC Age: 21 years 3 months Enlistment Details: Monday, 22 January … [Read More...]

McMillan, Percy (1992)

Place of Birth: Port Melbourne, VIC Age: 19 years 7 months Enlistment Details: Monday, 11 … [Read More...]